Q: How do I sign in or register for The Digital Cyber Academy?

A: Easy peasy – click here to sign in or register

Q: I have a friend/family member who wants access but is not a student currently enrolled in a further or higher education course. How can they log in?

A: We currently only provide free of charge access to students with a .ac.uk or .edu email address. However, our enterprise platform offers customers an even wider range of features and benefits. To discuss these features and get information on our enterprise level pricing structures, you can email us at admin@immersivelabs.co.uk

Q: I'm studying abroad for a year, can I still access the service?

A: Yes – provided you have an active .ac.uk or .edu email address, you can continue to access the platform.

Q: I've found a job can I still keep my license?

A: Well done! Unfortunately, The Digital Cyber Academy is only available to students, however if you have been lucky enough to be offered a role with one of our customers you can request to use one of their licenses.

Q: Do I get a certificate for the training I complete?

A: We don’t provide certificates, however, by completing our labs you will build a profile of validated skills that can then be used to apply for jobs with our customers, all of whom understand and appreciate the value of hands-on training.

Q: If I get stuck on a lab exercise, how do I get the answers?

A: We provide pointers within the labs – but we purposely don’t issue training materials. We encourage you to research the subject on the internet and via any other resources you find useful. We believe it’s much more effective for students to have to do their own research, rather than being spoon fed the answers.

Q: I cant see my query on the list of FAQ's. Help!

A: Why not drop us a line at support@immersivelabs.co.uk