Sponsor The Digital Cyber Academy

The Digital Cyber Academy® (DCA) is a free version of the Immersive Labs Cyber Skills platform and is available to anyone in part or full-time study in the UK, US, Australia and Singapore.

The DCA will allow students to develop cyber knowledge and highly sought-after practical cyber skills through gamified, social labs which are updated every week. The DCA is accessed through a web browser, enabling anyone to learn computing, network and security skills across multiple cyber disciplines.

We cater for novice users who are new to cyber security, right through to seasoned professionals wanting to hone their skills and compete with the very hottest talent across the globe.


UK Employers can advertise job vacancies within the DCA, which require validated cyber skills – all of which can be demonstrated through the completion of Digital Cyber Academy training labs. What’s more, employers can specify which labs applicants have to have completed before they can apply for the roles advertised.

The DCA can also be used to advertise internships, apprenticeships and bursaries to help introduce cyber talent to a wide variety of organisations.

As labs are signposted and not taught, users need to complete their own self-research. Users are more likely to retain learnings this way and employers can be sure that completion of labs demonstrates true technical ability.

Unconscious bias is also removed in the application sift stage, as the only user data sent to the employer is the applicant’s email address – no information on academic background, age etc. is provided upon initial application.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship packages were launched in October 2017 and will terminate at the end of the academic year in August 2018.

Platinum sponsorship

The benefits:

Demonstrates a significant public commitment to upskilling the UK workforce and plugging the cyber skills gap.

Positions sponsor as a key enabler of increasing diversity in the cyber security workforce – for instance, women currently make up 11% of the UK cyber workforce. Targeting training and recruitment via diversified channels such as The Digital Cyber Academy demonstrates organisational innovation.

Increases brand awareness with the millions of students who can freely access the platform worldwide.

Enables a targeted attraction model with potential to reduce time and money spent on traditional university “Milkround” activities.

Platinum Package Features:

Up to 5 live job listings on the platform at any one time, benefiting from a huge pool of applicants – all with validated cyber skills.

Unlimited candidate applications across all job postings.

Listed as a Platinum Sponsor with the message “Our sponsors have demonstrated significant commitment to developing the cyber stars of tomorrow. Their sponsorship enables all students from all universities to develop their cyber skills for free in the Digital Cyber Academy.”

Logo placement on homepage of www.digitalcyberacademy.com

Logo placement on the ‘Jobs’ Page of www.digitalcyberacademy.com


To speak to us about becoming a sponsor, call us on
+44 (0) 203 893 9101